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Implementing Tools on Product or Family Pages

Covering various methods to implement your Encentiv tools on product or family pages

Landing Page Customization with Rebate Finder Attributes

While the Encentiv Rebate Finder by default serves up your entire product catalog, it can be configured as a customized landing page to highlight a product category, a family of products, a single product, or any of those combined with a specific utility rebate program.

The Rebate Finder can be passed arguments and settings via HTML attributes and URL arguments.

URL Customization

The Rebate Finder can be controlled by setting parameters in the host page URL to set the filters to default values that will affect the tool on page load.

HTML Attribute Customization

The landing page functionality of the Rebate Finder can also be controlled via attributes on the tag that hosts the tool on the page. Typically, Rebate Finder host pages contain a line of HTML and additional attributes can be added to this line for various effects.

Use this Encentiv Rebate Finder Attributes documentation to customize your Rebate Finder.

Use this Payback Calculator Attributes documentation to customize your Payback Calculator.

On-page API calls with jQuery

This method will require more intensive programming but will give you the option to do an API call on each product page. The user will just need to make any appropriate selections and enter their zip code to get a rebate estimate right on the page.

You will be limited to a single product, but you will be able to construct the UI any way you want.

Use the Encentiv Widget jQuery API documentation to get started.