Feature Explained: Lighting Controls Rebates

In addition to DLC® and ENERGY STAR® fixture rebates being available in the Widget, integral lighting controls can also be added.

As lighting controls become more and more prevalent, it does not always paint the whole picture to just tell them the fixture rebate. If potential customers are interested in adding fixture-mounted lighting controls to their new LED fixture, they will want to know the rebate for that control as well.

The Encentivizer™ Catalog Widget already allows you to display utility rebates for all of your DesignLights Consortium® and ENERGY STAR® listed fixtures and bulbs across the U.S. and Canada.

But did you know it can also display rebates for lighting controls?

For any DLC-listed products in your catalog that are controls-enabled, as defined the product listing on the DLC QPL, the Widget can show rebates for the control in addition to the fixture rebate already on display.

In addition to integral controls, the catalog widget also provides details on Networked Lighting Controls (NLC) where available.